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Change is happening!  

I will be on sabbatical July and August of 2019 and will be announcing the location of my new office during that time. 

Stay tuned for creative happenings in the Fall and have a joyful Summer.

Less is more.

When we face a point where things stop working, oftentimes we try to find the answers to our problems by doing more, thinking more.  What would happen if there was a place just for you where you could take it at your own pace and find the kind of support that really brings about the changes you seek?

Just Being (and the Body)

Our bodies are complex and knowing organisms that do so much more than just get us from place to place. When we begin to listen to our sensations, explore our movements and understand our nervous systems, we are no longer alone.  Our bodies can truly be our partners in life, helping us to uncover powerful insights into ourselves and the stories we carry within us.

Time for Change.

Trauma. Identity. Race. Culture. Life changes and transitions. Relationships. Life Purpose. Questions. Explorations.

If you're ready to create a partnership between your body, mind, and emotions to find the healing and tools for change you desire, this is the place for you.


Available now!

Moving Between Identities: Embodied Code-Switching has been published as a chapter in the new book Oppression and the Body: Roots, Resistance and Resolutions.  

Check it out now in bookstores and through online booksellers.